Learn the Basics About Step and Repeat Banners

There are many reasons for consumers to purchase large-scale printed banners, ranging from advertising sales at businesses to holding publicity events and more. Large Format Printing poses certain challenges, though, which is why the majority of print shops do not offer this service.

Those printers that specialize in banners have access to a variety of techniques for creating and printing designs, though. One of the most popular of them is known as “step and repeat.” Read on to find out how this process works and what it can be used for.

The Basics

Even if they aren’t familiar with the term step and repeat, the vast majority of consumers are familiar with the product. They’re common fixtures at fashion events, galas, weddings, and other formal events. They typically feature brand logos or emblems, most often in a repeating pattern, and are used specifically for event photography.

Materials Used

There are actually several different ways to construct step-and-repeat banners. The majority of them are made of a common material such as canvas, vinyl, or poster paper adhered to either plywood or foam. They can be either displayed on a frame or hung from a wall.

Each of the materials listed above has its advantages and disadvantages. Vinyl, for example, is heavy duty and tends to look more vibrant in photographs but it requires a good deal of support. Fabric is quite light and able to absorb the camera’s flash, helping to cut down on glare.

Poster paper tends to be cheaper but can produce unwanted hotspots. Ultimately, the best way to choose a material is to speak with a large-scale printing expert regarding options.

Primary Use

Although the majority of consumers associate step-and-repeat banners with red carpet events, the reality is that they are actually quite versatile and can be a great addition to just about any large-scale event. The basic idea is almost always the same, though. The event organizer charges a sponsorship fee to companies that can then display their name on the poster so that their brand image will be shared by attendees.

These large banners are often seen at trade shows, grand openings, weddings, and even church events. The key to creating an effective step and repeat banner is to find a highly qualified printer.

Not only will working with a company that specializes in large format printing ensure that the end results will be high in quality, but it will also give customers the opportunity to direct any design questions they may have to a qualified professional. Get started online today at chicagobannerprinting.com.


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